Sunday, 29 July 2012

How to fast?

 Salam minna-san~ haha.. suddenly gt japanese word.. anyway, during this Ramadhan month.. I have some tips on how to fast (puasa) properly.. through trial and error...although most of it is also my mistake, here are some tips.
1. Drink lot.and i mean LOTS of water. (Usually I kept a regular check to drink at least 1Liter of water before Imsak..yea, sure your stomach will be full of water but it will help to keep u hydrated in your busy day)

2. Never skip your Sahur (early breakfast before daybreak). Most of you may think that sahur is not such of a big deal. but helps to keep you full for at least until evening.. based on my experience.

3. Try to Sahur as late as possible towards the permissible time. For example, if your Imsak is at 5.40am, then drink and eat around 5am and stop at 5.40am. Most of us made a mistake of eating at 12am then sleep.  Food completely digest in our stomach in around 4 hours.

4. Fiber Food Friendly. Yes, you heard it... fibers and carbohydrate rich food is what keep us filled. So don't do gobbling down random stuff. I would recommend 7-12 dates (buah kurma) after the regular meal.

5. Don't sleep during the evening! You may missed your break fast time. I know it is tempting to sleep or nap for those who stays at home all the time (like me ;) ).. but by sleeping in the evening, you will dehydrate yourself faster, not to mention wasting the time of Ibadah towards Allah.

6. Keep yourself busy. Don't linger and do nothing because later on you will only focus on your hungry empty stomach.. then it won't be much of a fasting right? haha~ To those to stays at home, try helping out with the chores.. or play online games.. like me~

7. Lastly, keep up with your daily prayers. Because it helps remind and correct your intention of fasting during Ramadhan month. I find it easier to focus on my prayers during Ramadhan month.. maybe because there is no devil around.. haha.

Here are some gags to help you with your day:

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I'm not close to being~~

Salam and good day, so the other day.. some of my old acquaintances said that i'm 'warak' or 'alim'.. the first thing came to my mind was that i'm ashamed of myself.. not because of their compliment.. but sincerely, i know that i'm not close to attaining the title.. heck~ i even thought that i may not be worthy of it... its like the distance of attaining that status of soleh is like earth to the last planet in this solar system.. and i'm crawling to it..its just stressful that at times i fall (disobey) and i forget... my dad told me that the effort and knowledge is what matters. Well, at least i know whether i'm worthy to be entitled or not.. (x buta2 amek pujian org mcm tu je).. Can write much about it here.. i'm going to continue it in another blog.. ;)

Ignorance is a sin and Lying to oneself is heresy.
P.S: Sorry.. no pictures for this~ :(

Friday, 6 July 2012

Who knows right~

 Wao~ who would have knew that I have to learn javascript all over again for this website.. haha.. not that it it hard for me.. but i'm kinda ran out of ideas.. (the idea bag is leaking).. lolz~ its 2.30am... and I'm trying to rush two things before Ramadhan fasting.. one, finishing the website and get my pay..two, is to max out my Dragon Nest character level.. yea, i know that we cant do two things at once. haha~
 Dragon Nest is awesome! i mean it has a good story line.. (albeit long and repetitive questing).. still.. it got me  hooked like reading a book. hehe~ just keeping my blog updated as often as i can~
 Here are some stuff i got from 9gag.. credits to the makers~ ;)