Friday, 11 April 2014

Time and tide

Greetings. Its been a month since i last bought my samsung grand 2. And so far it has been satisfactory... for a mid range seems to be performing very well.
Aside from that, just a quick update for my indoor navigation app... a little more features needed to be included before i finalize that app. One of the major roadblock was that google indoor have provided a platform for indoor mapping..but... it is not available in Malaysia. I think maybe its due to the fact that Malaysia has a bad city planning. So now, as an alternative...i be using an open street map.
I have also noticed that everytime im in my final year or semester in education.. there is always some highlight event happening in my life.. it can either be a good or a bitter memory or it can also be a headache. At least it shows that im learning n im alive.