Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The little signs of blessings~

 Salam and gud mornin to ya all.. bcoz its morning now anywayz~ lolz.. stayed up the whole night doing 3D modelling (or wat seems to look like it) using Photoshop (bcoz I dunno how to use Illustrator) and it was !@#$%&.. hahahahaha~ this might explain the reason why im typing lazily here.. lazy to check my typo.. hahaha~ sorry English..
 Gonna share a bit of an event that happen yesterday, lets just say that blessings comes when we lease expected it.. and i got mine yesterday. I'm still doin my website for the taekwondo club but additionally im hired as a designer for my friend's new company (courtesy of Mr.Fadhil) lolz... hm.. at least now i can help my family reduce some burden of paying some of the bills~ hehe.. here are some of the design. yea i know.. its a bit rough on the edges as one might say.. but im slowly getting the hang on it.. haha~
I'm color blind when there is no idea

slightly improved one might say?.. 
P.S: I remembered my mum always scolded me because I used to blame other ppl for my 'bad luck'.. she always said "You have only yourself to blame for your bad luck because you can prevent any bad things from happening to you, but you didn't".. so thats where i learned to not blame other ppl for any misdeed ppl cause me~ It is because I allowed them to cause it to me.. thought of sharing~

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A little grace from heaven~

 Salam people!~ has been a great day because my result for the final exam is out.. I have checked it and guess what.. i got a 3.67 gpa.. well, not bad la considering the troubles i faced this sem. Seeing that 2 out the group projects is mostly my solo work.. and, abit of last minute problems not to mention the matters of the heart.. But out of all, i'm glad to say that this sem was one of the best la since i have met a lot of great ppl.
 Just want to share a story that happened to me 2 semesters ago. One day when i was going to the masjid in the morning for my halaqah (which i hav forgotten was canceled), i met 2 brothers whom was there. Seeing nobody was around, I asked them about the Halaqah i was suppose to attend. They said it was canceled, and seeing the Quran i was holding (because i was enthusiastic about learning the Quran) they ask me to sit with them and they taught me on how to read and memorize it properly. 
 An hour or two passed and its time to bid them farewell, so as i got up to leave. I've noticed a few number of books behind a pillar from where the two brothers were resting. They were actually busy studying but they took the time off to teach me about the Quran. I was like "Alhamdulillah, Allah, Please bless these two brothers" and from then on... I learned that "no mater how busy you are, or how much you think you have no time for... there is always time to help other people and visit Allah in prayer and Ibadah".. MarsyaAllah, not everyday we see this kind of behavior and piety in fulfilling one's need as well as other's needs. 
 It was one of a few incident that opens my mind to the blessings of Allah. Also instilling in me great faith. ;)
Few bunch of crazy friends

We fight, cry and laughed together~

Jira~ One in a million friends. U R AWESOME!
P.S: Congrats to Abg Farid and Kak Moi for their engangement! May Allah Bless your relationships!
Credits to for the picture~

Friday, 1 June 2012

Last paper tomorrow

I'm gonna make this short since I spend the whole night in Undergrad Room studying and freezing my ass off.. hahaha~ My last exam paper is 2moro.. and then.. freedom for 5 months -+.. got plans like finishing games and web design that a client hire me.. and it'll be my first job as freelancer.. woohoo~ here's some photos
Yes~ Cyber Awareness.. me a hacker going this..lolz

So much for low profile eh~

KICT Homecoming.. 

Who says IT lecturers can't plan trees.. lolz~ They do it Japanese style!