Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My old blog is gone!~ oh well~

 Holla~ recently I have found out that my old blog from tabulas is gone... and after some digging, it seems that Tabulas has been gone for quite a while~ sad since all my old post and past entry is there~
 But enough looking back, I shall take this as a sign to move forward. Because just reading the past post of my blog made me facepalm myself made me realize that I have been growing and maturing.
 Recently, Malaysia (my country) have been struck by an incident that is most saddening... the missing flight MH370. Throughout the days of searching, many rumours gave hope and depression to the victims' families. I have learned the impact of spreading such rumours, you know when you just simply share an article at facebook without confirming the authenticity of the information. Yea sure, no harm can be done spreading false information right? WRONG! imagine is a sin is calculated based on the chain reaction that false information gave and for every proceeding chain, the sin is doubled and it adds up until to some unknown point... ya, thats some heavy shit burden there.
 And then there is the incident where our muslim brothers are facing hardship in Egypt. Though I have yet to read about it, do pray for both the muslims in Egypt and the people in MH370.
 As always, pictures owner's copyright is preserved.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Self improvement for hire!

 Sup~ Today was a tiring day... morning got to attend a wedding (which was awesome btw esp the food), evening helped friend go to hospital (May Allah fasten his recovery), and walk around IIUM pasting posters~ like Mubin says "Gila gila wei!" (crazy crazy wei!).. haha~
 Last week until next week I'll be boarding the extra effort and speed revision train~ choo choo! well.. my project kinda slow (well.. i dunno.. mayb its due to the fact that there are so little CONCRETE GUIDE TO INDOOR NAVIGATION!).. fuh.. keep clam calm Addam..
 I have learned to accept criticism although its hard to swallow due to that I'm smart I tend to be comfortable with my knowledge.. but then when i started thinking.. i agreed with those criticism not because they are right but i felt the need to know my wrongs and keep improving~ else... what is my purpose here other than improving right?
Moving on, making up with good friends is really hard when you actually care for them and only to find out that you have committed wrongdoings to them~ man.. it eats up inside you.. worse, they are the one who told you about it and said that it is ok (when you know it is NOT) so, any opinions on how to sincerely apologize is kindly appreciated~ ;)
 Finally, I be going for internship on Jun this year.. which.. I want to go to Japan so badly! ehem... there are too many companies to choose from... should i do it near KL or near my house? should i choose companies along with my coursemates or go solo as always? and there is a Japanese company that does website and it is based near my house but i've to consider the environment/culture can help improve me or not and requirement (financial, knowldge etc etc) to do intern there... too many to think about~
 I'm gonna just write all my task need to complete in a sticky note and paste all over my room and only take it down one by one when it is complete.. how abt that? @_@
 anyway, this is my final semester studying here before i move on to the working world.. so im gonna go all out while partying! enjoying my student life here~ ;)
Use proper English~ ;)

Literally translated!

B**** be trippin balls~