Saturday, 22 November 2014

The negative truth about -ships~

 Holla~ for today's entry.. I'll ramble on something negative. This is the truth! No, this is just my negative opinion. Though I am usually an optimistic person.. well everyone has that pessimistic part in them somewhere. And the more optimistic you are, there is always that one pessimistic trait that makes you go "WTF man! You sick b*strd" to yourself and down right want to hang yourself for even thinking that way.
 Now, on to the topic. I'll talk ramble about the expected friendship, and relationships... look at all them -shits BE SERIOUS ADDAM!

  Friendship is all about sharing good/bad memories, hardships, and helping one another. Wao!~ very noble that I might shed crocodile tears. People go about that true friendship is all about honesty and not expecting anything in return, and tolerance and accepting. Truth be said, I don't believe that people can be honest and expect nothing in return.. unless you are a Saint (Bless you, mother Theresa!). a very heavy word to put onto someone. When a friend treats his/her friend with care and compassion, don't tell me that that friend would not expect to be treated the same in return?.. OF COURSE HE/SHE DOES! if you answer otherwise.. well, you are a Saint (If you are, please stop reading as it may cause some ego and morale damage..Super effective!). 
  You disagree? well, let's put it this way.. You have a friend and you treat that friend with care, compassion and all the colors of the rainbow in hoping that the friend will treat you the same in return. Everyone has different capabilities, personalities, and views.. thus have different ways of showing their affection back. But then the friend does not feel the same way back at you.. how would you feel? Sad? Distraught? Well, now u are expecting something back... So where is your "I'm honest and didn't expect anything in return?" 
  If you are going to put "Well, it's ethical to return the favor"..kudos to you, you have just contradicted yourself. The fact is, whether the friend returns the same affection is up to that friend... we feel that it is an obligation to return the affection because we desire the same thing. We often force our ideals and action onto the friend without considering that friend's capability to return back the favor. Don't go and say "It is normal to return the favor".. because it is not. Now, who is expecting from who now?, not just couples or's connection with people. Everyone expects that relationships, especially close ones were meant to last forever (mind that I said expect). Even when we know it will end someday..could be tomorrow or next 10 years. But when the end is approaching, we get so caught up in the anxiety or fear that the emotions overwhelm us to the point that we unexpectedly end the relationship early or end it on the spot. Because we mistakenly force our worries on the other party to the point that it chokes them and made them feel uneasy. 
   Human relationships are a fragile thing... today's friends is tomorrow enemies or vice versa. We can argue all about that the other party should understand us or we should have mutual understanding.          But the fact remains that humans can never come about understanding each other. We can only reach a certain degree of understanding then that will our maximum degree of understanding and from there on is just tolerance and rejection. Relationships like everything in this world, is meant to end, question is how are we going to end it? On our selfish desires to keep up the relationship? or just enjoy every present moment with each other? You may answer the 2nd one, but are you sure? are you least worried?

    All of these I have said, are just my negative opinions... but I do have positive ones regarding these above. Yes, friendship often forces the other friend to return the same affection... but it teaches the other friend compassion, care, and to be a better person. Just don't go burdening and forcing too much on the poor fella. Relationships are meant to end.. that is the fact! SO LETS GO BATSHIT CRAZY! 
   Sabar Addam, dah nak hbs da nih...ehem.. 
  So we should enjoy every second of each other's company and not force or burden ourselves until we ignore our personal responsibilities or worse strangle the other party with our fear and worries. It is like enjoying a nice hot cup of awesome coffee, we take sips and enjoy every moment of it..not gulping down or putting a straw and sucking it up a tight tube, then the coffee will taste awful. I am a laid back person, and I like to enjoy every second of my time with people as long as I am capable. (Though I often find my laptop more interesting.. that I apologize) gotta plan on being a NEET with income in 5 years time. 

Let's keep it simple

Love is about appreciation

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Programmers ain't miracle workers

I'm gonna post something after so long.. yeah~ due to endless mindfcked on Android development  *ehem*.. excuse my French.. it is 2am+ and I'm dead tired but can't sleep.. That is what Nescafe does to you after an intense 3 hours of coding~ The brain is still wide awake screaming choochoo mutha~~ *koff*

I'm just gonna rant about us programmers or software developers have to go through, especially us noobies... yes.. I'm a noob here.. :
 1. We are not Miracle workers, we are humans that gets hungry ALOT..sleeps ALOT, Its the side effect of coding.. where was I. Oh ya, we eat, sleep, and have very short attention span thats just me I guess. We can't do everything in one day!
 2. No.. we don't prefer to sit for 5 long hours just to code.. because if we do... there is something what I called Coding Syndrome where we'll just flips the table.. yeah~ literally flips the table and go SCREW THIS SH** sorry about that again
 3. No.. not all of us know how to format or fix PCs~ surprisingly yea..
 4. Dear Google, Please stop making software (I'm looking at you Chrome and Android Studio) that consumes a hell load of memory~ Note to self and others, if you want to use Android Studio in comfort, get at LEAST 8Gb.. yes.. 8 freaking Gb of RAM!
 5. Over and all, we have to admit.. we do have that love and hate relationship with coding.. in any language.. it is like we have a French and American and Chinese girlfriends/boyfriends and we love them and hate them and speak all three language. Now that's some mindfck..yea..I shld stop cursing here

I'm gonna stop here before the cursing goes on and one~
I'll go with SITH

Friday, 20 June 2014

Today's thought: Parents..

 Hi, i wasn't able to update my blog recently due to... games/paintng/anime/games  BAM! NOT TRUE!..ehem.. due to personal chores.. ;)
 Anyway, today lets talk about taking care of our parents... yea.. they can be bothersome at times.. but when we are in trouble or in a bind.. we pick up that phone and dial either our dad's or mom's number.. see that?..
 *clears throat* what i wanna say was..recently i have read quite a few article concerning children abandoning their parents or children starving their are the few 'reasons' that i can pick up..

  1. No time/money to take care (the no1 reason)
  2. Troublesome
  3. In-Laws/wife/husband don't agree with parents
  4. Tired of taking care
  5. No one to help with taking care

 Is it me or these reasons sounds retarded and unreasonable? I asked myself, during which when we are small and vulnerable.. 

  1. Isn't it our parents spend their time and money (which is costly in raising a kid) on us despite their 8am to 5pm work schedule and during their time... most of the people don't have cars, smartphone, or even computers. So their workload is much more difficult than our current time.. (make it like lvl 9000 hard!)
  2. They washed and up our sh*ts.. i mean literally and figuratively.. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IS IS TO CLEAN A BABY'S SH*T when they are wearing those cloth diapers? been there, done that! hard as hell... yet, they accomplish that on a daily basis. Achievement Awarded : Taking care like a BOSS.. to you parents!
  3. During their time, they also face the same problem with their In-laws (a.k.a our grandparents), and spouses also.. yet still can take good care of both sides of the families. In Malaysia, the cultural hold was still very strong then.. like "You must take care of your parents only" or "Your family comes 1st" kind of we have more freedom of action and thought and yet still... 
  4. Imagine... those 80's and 90's kid.. yeah~ the economy inflation.. means more work less pay..means more tire less sleep.. now we have the Internet, ease of workload, better economy..
  5. Help in taking care? our parents have each other.. yet still raise us.. i personally consider putting them in those Old Folks Home is a disgrace.. but if we are busy during the day and unable to uphold the deed, sending them for daycare is OK on my books.. but make sure to pick them up
I don't claim to be a good son but taking care of my parents is an honourable deed that each children have to take up upon. who speaks of honor nowadays..lolz BAM! I DO! It may not be easy, but it is a worthwhile deed.. trust me, my family is taking care of my grandma.. and it is not easy, but to see that smile on each of our face and her's.. it is worth it. Just sort of reminding myself and those who read my blog out there the importance of taking care of our parents.
How i feel often.. huehuehue

That goes to every religion out there!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Time and tide

Greetings. Its been a month since i last bought my samsung grand 2. And so far it has been satisfactory... for a mid range seems to be performing very well.
Aside from that, just a quick update for my indoor navigation app... a little more features needed to be included before i finalize that app. One of the major roadblock was that google indoor have provided a platform for indoor mapping..but... it is not available in Malaysia. I think maybe its due to the fact that Malaysia has a bad city planning. So now, as an alternative...i be using an open street map.
I have also noticed that everytime im in my final year or semester in education.. there is always some highlight event happening in my life.. it can either be a good or a bitter memory or it can also be a headache. At least it shows that im learning n im alive.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My old blog is gone!~ oh well~

 Holla~ recently I have found out that my old blog from tabulas is gone... and after some digging, it seems that Tabulas has been gone for quite a while~ sad since all my old post and past entry is there~
 But enough looking back, I shall take this as a sign to move forward. Because just reading the past post of my blog made me facepalm myself made me realize that I have been growing and maturing.
 Recently, Malaysia (my country) have been struck by an incident that is most saddening... the missing flight MH370. Throughout the days of searching, many rumours gave hope and depression to the victims' families. I have learned the impact of spreading such rumours, you know when you just simply share an article at facebook without confirming the authenticity of the information. Yea sure, no harm can be done spreading false information right? WRONG! imagine is a sin is calculated based on the chain reaction that false information gave and for every proceeding chain, the sin is doubled and it adds up until to some unknown point... ya, thats some heavy shit burden there.
 And then there is the incident where our muslim brothers are facing hardship in Egypt. Though I have yet to read about it, do pray for both the muslims in Egypt and the people in MH370.
 As always, pictures owner's copyright is preserved.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Self improvement for hire!

 Sup~ Today was a tiring day... morning got to attend a wedding (which was awesome btw esp the food), evening helped friend go to hospital (May Allah fasten his recovery), and walk around IIUM pasting posters~ like Mubin says "Gila gila wei!" (crazy crazy wei!).. haha~
 Last week until next week I'll be boarding the extra effort and speed revision train~ choo choo! well.. my project kinda slow (well.. i dunno.. mayb its due to the fact that there are so little CONCRETE GUIDE TO INDOOR NAVIGATION!).. fuh.. keep clam calm Addam..
 I have learned to accept criticism although its hard to swallow due to that I'm smart I tend to be comfortable with my knowledge.. but then when i started thinking.. i agreed with those criticism not because they are right but i felt the need to know my wrongs and keep improving~ else... what is my purpose here other than improving right?
Moving on, making up with good friends is really hard when you actually care for them and only to find out that you have committed wrongdoings to them~ man.. it eats up inside you.. worse, they are the one who told you about it and said that it is ok (when you know it is NOT) so, any opinions on how to sincerely apologize is kindly appreciated~ ;)
 Finally, I be going for internship on Jun this year.. which.. I want to go to Japan so badly! ehem... there are too many companies to choose from... should i do it near KL or near my house? should i choose companies along with my coursemates or go solo as always? and there is a Japanese company that does website and it is based near my house but i've to consider the environment/culture can help improve me or not and requirement (financial, knowldge etc etc) to do intern there... too many to think about~
 I'm gonna just write all my task need to complete in a sticky note and paste all over my room and only take it down one by one when it is complete.. how abt that? @_@
 anyway, this is my final semester studying here before i move on to the working world.. so im gonna go all out while partying! enjoying my student life here~ ;)
Use proper English~ ;)

Literally translated!

B**** be trippin balls~

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Gotta keep busy~ and make a new blog for tech stuffs~

 And here I'm sitting in my room alone thinking about all the important stuff to do during my semester break and my final semester here in IIUM. So here are a list for me to do (just planning in hopes that most of these will be fulfilled)
1. Make another blog for tech stuff... I've got so much to share
2. Adjust my Android app.. still derping on that
3. get some side jobs.. about time I earn my keep.. plus be needing cash for food and my new found hobby (WARHAMMER 40K)!!
4. Read MOAR more books... gotta control myself as I've just started reading some Warhammer40k books
5. Keep up waking up in the early mornings.. I'm on a streak here!~ though my definition of mornings is from sunrise until 11am~ lolz~

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