Sunday, 11 November 2012

Why people ask me about marriage?

Woohoo~ after 4 months, finally I post something.. due to unseen circumstances... ;p
I have to actually limit the content of my posts here due it is a public blog... for some of my private posts will be in my old blog.
On to today's topic, marriage... this ranting have been buzzing around my social circle for quite some time now and recently it has escalated to the point that I'm actually annoyed to hear. People have been going like "Marry early can help avoid adultery, marry early can make our life easy, it is not about the money when it comes to marriage...etc etc etc". Well, have marriage have actually been reduced to the reason of simply those... Let me share some of my personal opinion as a person, and yes, as someone who will also one day, get married. (but not for these next years)
 My parents had a simple marriage, kinda like they were close friends, then marry due to that they are already working, stable, and can support both of their parents. My dad had even enough to support my uncle (mum's brother) until he graduate college at Australia. From these events that I heard and learned, is that marriage is a huge step in life... and there is no reverse gear. I can clearly say that divorce is NOT an option because most of my friends whose parents are divorced... aren't doing so well. 
 Marriage should me considered as a holy path and can only be done when we are ready mentally, spiritually and financially...(though, I would like to stress FINANCIALLY) I can't just marry with my parent's money...come on, its my marriage and it should be with my own money. That's one, two... what comes after marriage is a huge commitment, actually... to many to list down (kids, expenditures, family, etc etc)
 To make this short, I see marriage is like a step in life where you will not see yourself as an individual, but as a whole family. It is not your own anymore, you'll have to support your spouse and kids and parents. Here is an alternative to those who can't wait for marriage even though they are not ready, make alot of friends, do lots of activities, find your own purpose to contribute to society, improve oneself and mostly take care of your parents and siblings. That's it, in bahasa... kalo kite gatai sgt nk kawen awal dgn x sedia lg, wat byk keje amal dan b'ibadah je la.. senang cite. No offence people, just my personal opinion. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A poem form me to my soul~

As the moon embraced the sky,
I was frightened,
A voice called out to me,
but I was blinded by tears.

You, who is smiling is reflected in my eyes,
I can see you screaming, way in the darkness,
but your are just too far away.

"I just want to be your flower,
Scorned by a sinner",
It shrouded in pain,
In the depth of my chest.

I whispered to you, who embraced the pain:
"I want to hold you in this ash-like snow",
I gave the only love I had,
and scattered the blood-stained snow to sky.

You continued to sing as your breath was stained red,
"May you appear in my dreams tonight...",
Your final season has nearly reached its end,
My last tears gather in my eyes, let's return to this fine snow.

Hold me tight enough to break me,
When I wake from my dream,
Your bleeding smile, hiding behind pain expression,
Just disappears.


Sunday, 29 July 2012

How to fast?

 Salam minna-san~ haha.. suddenly gt japanese word.. anyway, during this Ramadhan month.. I have some tips on how to fast (puasa) properly.. through trial and error...although most of it is also my mistake, here are some tips.
1. Drink lot.and i mean LOTS of water. (Usually I kept a regular check to drink at least 1Liter of water before Imsak..yea, sure your stomach will be full of water but it will help to keep u hydrated in your busy day)

2. Never skip your Sahur (early breakfast before daybreak). Most of you may think that sahur is not such of a big deal. but helps to keep you full for at least until evening.. based on my experience.

3. Try to Sahur as late as possible towards the permissible time. For example, if your Imsak is at 5.40am, then drink and eat around 5am and stop at 5.40am. Most of us made a mistake of eating at 12am then sleep.  Food completely digest in our stomach in around 4 hours.

4. Fiber Food Friendly. Yes, you heard it... fibers and carbohydrate rich food is what keep us filled. So don't do gobbling down random stuff. I would recommend 7-12 dates (buah kurma) after the regular meal.

5. Don't sleep during the evening! You may missed your break fast time. I know it is tempting to sleep or nap for those who stays at home all the time (like me ;) ).. but by sleeping in the evening, you will dehydrate yourself faster, not to mention wasting the time of Ibadah towards Allah.

6. Keep yourself busy. Don't linger and do nothing because later on you will only focus on your hungry empty stomach.. then it won't be much of a fasting right? haha~ To those to stays at home, try helping out with the chores.. or play online games.. like me~

7. Lastly, keep up with your daily prayers. Because it helps remind and correct your intention of fasting during Ramadhan month. I find it easier to focus on my prayers during Ramadhan month.. maybe because there is no devil around.. haha.

Here are some gags to help you with your day:

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I'm not close to being~~

Salam and good day, so the other day.. some of my old acquaintances said that i'm 'warak' or 'alim'.. the first thing came to my mind was that i'm ashamed of myself.. not because of their compliment.. but sincerely, i know that i'm not close to attaining the title.. heck~ i even thought that i may not be worthy of it... its like the distance of attaining that status of soleh is like earth to the last planet in this solar system.. and i'm crawling to it..its just stressful that at times i fall (disobey) and i forget... my dad told me that the effort and knowledge is what matters. Well, at least i know whether i'm worthy to be entitled or not.. (x buta2 amek pujian org mcm tu je).. Can write much about it here.. i'm going to continue it in another blog.. ;)

Ignorance is a sin and Lying to oneself is heresy.
P.S: Sorry.. no pictures for this~ :(

Friday, 6 July 2012

Who knows right~

 Wao~ who would have knew that I have to learn javascript all over again for this website.. haha.. not that it it hard for me.. but i'm kinda ran out of ideas.. (the idea bag is leaking).. lolz~ its 2.30am... and I'm trying to rush two things before Ramadhan fasting.. one, finishing the website and get my pay..two, is to max out my Dragon Nest character level.. yea, i know that we cant do two things at once. haha~
 Dragon Nest is awesome! i mean it has a good story line.. (albeit long and repetitive questing).. still.. it got me  hooked like reading a book. hehe~ just keeping my blog updated as often as i can~
 Here are some stuff i got from 9gag.. credits to the makers~ ;)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The little signs of blessings~

 Salam and gud mornin to ya all.. bcoz its morning now anywayz~ lolz.. stayed up the whole night doing 3D modelling (or wat seems to look like it) using Photoshop (bcoz I dunno how to use Illustrator) and it was !@#$%&.. hahahahaha~ this might explain the reason why im typing lazily here.. lazy to check my typo.. hahaha~ sorry English..
 Gonna share a bit of an event that happen yesterday, lets just say that blessings comes when we lease expected it.. and i got mine yesterday. I'm still doin my website for the taekwondo club but additionally im hired as a designer for my friend's new company (courtesy of Mr.Fadhil) lolz... hm.. at least now i can help my family reduce some burden of paying some of the bills~ hehe.. here are some of the design. yea i know.. its a bit rough on the edges as one might say.. but im slowly getting the hang on it.. haha~
I'm color blind when there is no idea

slightly improved one might say?.. 
P.S: I remembered my mum always scolded me because I used to blame other ppl for my 'bad luck'.. she always said "You have only yourself to blame for your bad luck because you can prevent any bad things from happening to you, but you didn't".. so thats where i learned to not blame other ppl for any misdeed ppl cause me~ It is because I allowed them to cause it to me.. thought of sharing~

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A little grace from heaven~

 Salam people!~ has been a great day because my result for the final exam is out.. I have checked it and guess what.. i got a 3.67 gpa.. well, not bad la considering the troubles i faced this sem. Seeing that 2 out the group projects is mostly my solo work.. and, abit of last minute problems not to mention the matters of the heart.. But out of all, i'm glad to say that this sem was one of the best la since i have met a lot of great ppl.
 Just want to share a story that happened to me 2 semesters ago. One day when i was going to the masjid in the morning for my halaqah (which i hav forgotten was canceled), i met 2 brothers whom was there. Seeing nobody was around, I asked them about the Halaqah i was suppose to attend. They said it was canceled, and seeing the Quran i was holding (because i was enthusiastic about learning the Quran) they ask me to sit with them and they taught me on how to read and memorize it properly. 
 An hour or two passed and its time to bid them farewell, so as i got up to leave. I've noticed a few number of books behind a pillar from where the two brothers were resting. They were actually busy studying but they took the time off to teach me about the Quran. I was like "Alhamdulillah, Allah, Please bless these two brothers" and from then on... I learned that "no mater how busy you are, or how much you think you have no time for... there is always time to help other people and visit Allah in prayer and Ibadah".. MarsyaAllah, not everyday we see this kind of behavior and piety in fulfilling one's need as well as other's needs. 
 It was one of a few incident that opens my mind to the blessings of Allah. Also instilling in me great faith. ;)
Few bunch of crazy friends

We fight, cry and laughed together~

Jira~ One in a million friends. U R AWESOME!
P.S: Congrats to Abg Farid and Kak Moi for their engangement! May Allah Bless your relationships!
Credits to for the picture~

Friday, 1 June 2012

Last paper tomorrow

I'm gonna make this short since I spend the whole night in Undergrad Room studying and freezing my ass off.. hahaha~ My last exam paper is 2moro.. and then.. freedom for 5 months -+.. got plans like finishing games and web design that a client hire me.. and it'll be my first job as freelancer.. woohoo~ here's some photos
Yes~ Cyber Awareness.. me a hacker going this..lolz

So much for low profile eh~

KICT Homecoming.. 

Who says IT lecturers can't plan trees.. lolz~ They do it Japanese style!

Thursday, 29 March 2012


 ~Well, who would have known that going out with old friends makes one feel great... hehe~ I thought my old guy friends would tag along but in the end its just me and 4 girls... not to mention that you would thought that its the girls that would do the window shopping but.... yea~ I ended window shoppin with them.. hehe~ WHY? Just because I CAN~ heheehhehehehehe~
~Its good to exchange stories with them since girls are more in-tune with feelings not to mention fun also.. WAIT A MINUTE! Did I just praise girls?... yeap.. Just because I CAN~ hm.. I think I'm gonna make it as my motto~ "JUST BECAUSE I CAN!"~
~Now back to brushing up on my Arabic Language and cleaning some pictures with Photoshop.. huhu~ hmm..gotta think of spicing up this blog... next to-do-list!~
In the are some photos~
Yes~ its BigApple~

Didn't have time to edit this pic~lolz
Magic hands~

Diploma Graduation~ really miss them~

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Learning while still living

 A lot of things happened to me this month...overall is like. when you think that life has no more surprise for you.. then DAMM! it hits you like a bowling ball..
 huhu~ last Friday I wasn't feeling too well.. not to mention that I have lost a good friend (May Allah Bless her) last week. Then when I went for friday prayer, the sermon (khutbah) was talking about life and how can me make the best of it and it was very inspirational.. Later on, after the prayer.. another friend of mine unexpectedly call and wanted to give me a present.. so I went to see her since it has been 2 semester since we last met.. she gave a wrapped book.. I can tell because of the shape.. then when I unwrapped it in my room.. the book title "Indah Hidup Bersyariah" (Beauty Living with Islamic Values) and I was soo touched..almost cried but didn't... hehehe~ control abit..
 Next is the case where this facebook cyber bully that keeps insulting me.. I also duno why.mayb he has no life or he is just a sad kid who wans attention.. not to mention that he also keeps on trying to make me angry..which I cant.. because I see him as a child who wants some attention.. hehe~ sorry..better luck in making me angry next time~ ;)
 There are just too many to write it down.. maybe I should go into video-blogging?.. hmm~ a nice consideration..then I post at this blog.. huhu~ until next time~
Some outing picture with good friends^^

My recent ICTSS event~ Love my group

Playing around with webcam~ "We Want You"! lolz

Monday, 30 January 2012

At that moment where faith falls~

 I have experienced, recently, a moment where I was aware of the falling of my Iman(faith)... it was scary.. and I realized that the temptation of this world is hard to ignore moreover indulge in it~ The previous weekends was  difficult to accept because I seen my weaknesses... and i'm powerless against it.. damn~
 From committing the sin of lust to gluttony to pride to envy.. every of this made me aware~ Sometimes, I'm just powerless against it (the worldly matter)... 
 But during this past few weeks, although there was temptations and sins.. one thing that came to my mind..its like a wall.. a barrier.. a question.. somewhere deep in my mind and heart... something always say "Do you want to sacrifice your Islam and faith to Allah SWT for this?" and it saved me just in the nick of time.. but i'm not sure until when~ I can feel it deep inside my flesh and bones.. the ever growing infection called sin and worldly temptation spreading out.. and the only prevention to it is a continuous Ibadah(act of worship to Allah SWT) and reminder of Him.. O Allah~ I will forever seek your love, guidance, forgiveness and mercy for I'm  powerless~ 
 Just thought of expressing myself here je~
courtesy of

Monday, 16 January 2012

My sad capability~

When was it?
When we were left alone 
When was it?
When our childhood time was done

Who was it?
That we wanted to share our world with
Who was it?
That we tried our best to cradle hearts
Who was it?
In the end compares us with other 
And does not sees us as we are here

What was it?
That makes us love a person
What was it?
That we try our best despite our capability
What was it?
That we step out of our ease
Just to see that person smile

This is a poem
Not like any other
A poem
Of a lover to his love
A poem
To tell his love that he is only human

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Holidays are now!

Exams are over
Time for sober
Blog makeover is my later intention
For now is my hibernation

--Sleep sleep--