Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The little signs of blessings~

 Salam and gud mornin to ya all.. bcoz its morning now anywayz~ lolz.. stayed up the whole night doing 3D modelling (or wat seems to look like it) using Photoshop (bcoz I dunno how to use Illustrator) and it was !@#$%&.. hahahahaha~ this might explain the reason why im typing lazily here.. lazy to check my typo.. hahaha~ sorry English..
 Gonna share a bit of an event that happen yesterday, lets just say that blessings comes when we lease expected it.. and i got mine yesterday. I'm still doin my website for the taekwondo club but additionally im hired as a designer for my friend's new company (courtesy of Mr.Fadhil) lolz... hm.. at least now i can help my family reduce some burden of paying some of the bills~ hehe.. here are some of the design. yea i know.. its a bit rough on the edges as one might say.. but im slowly getting the hang on it.. haha~
I'm color blind when there is no idea

slightly improved one might say?.. 
P.S: I remembered my mum always scolded me because I used to blame other ppl for my 'bad luck'.. she always said "You have only yourself to blame for your bad luck because you can prevent any bad things from happening to you, but you didn't".. so thats where i learned to not blame other ppl for any misdeed ppl cause me~ It is because I allowed them to cause it to me.. thought of sharing~

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