Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My old blog is gone!~ oh well~

 Holla~ recently I have found out that my old blog from tabulas is gone... and after some digging, it seems that Tabulas has been gone for quite a while~ sad since all my old post and past entry is there~
 But enough looking back, I shall take this as a sign to move forward. Because just reading the past post of my blog made me facepalm myself made me realize that I have been growing and maturing.
 Recently, Malaysia (my country) have been struck by an incident that is most saddening... the missing flight MH370. Throughout the days of searching, many rumours gave hope and depression to the victims' families. I have learned the impact of spreading such rumours, you know when you just simply share an article at facebook without confirming the authenticity of the information. Yea sure, no harm can be done spreading false information right? WRONG! imagine is a sin is calculated based on the chain reaction that false information gave and for every proceeding chain, the sin is doubled and it adds up until to some unknown point... ya, thats some heavy shit burden there.
 And then there is the incident where our muslim brothers are facing hardship in Egypt. Though I have yet to read about it, do pray for both the muslims in Egypt and the people in MH370.
 As always, pictures owner's copyright is preserved.

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