Monday, 30 January 2012

At that moment where faith falls~

 I have experienced, recently, a moment where I was aware of the falling of my Iman(faith)... it was scary.. and I realized that the temptation of this world is hard to ignore moreover indulge in it~ The previous weekends was  difficult to accept because I seen my weaknesses... and i'm powerless against it.. damn~
 From committing the sin of lust to gluttony to pride to envy.. every of this made me aware~ Sometimes, I'm just powerless against it (the worldly matter)... 
 But during this past few weeks, although there was temptations and sins.. one thing that came to my mind..its like a wall.. a barrier.. a question.. somewhere deep in my mind and heart... something always say "Do you want to sacrifice your Islam and faith to Allah SWT for this?" and it saved me just in the nick of time.. but i'm not sure until when~ I can feel it deep inside my flesh and bones.. the ever growing infection called sin and worldly temptation spreading out.. and the only prevention to it is a continuous Ibadah(act of worship to Allah SWT) and reminder of Him.. O Allah~ I will forever seek your love, guidance, forgiveness and mercy for I'm  powerless~ 
 Just thought of expressing myself here je~
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