Saturday, 24 March 2012

Learning while still living

 A lot of things happened to me this month...overall is like. when you think that life has no more surprise for you.. then DAMM! it hits you like a bowling ball..
 huhu~ last Friday I wasn't feeling too well.. not to mention that I have lost a good friend (May Allah Bless her) last week. Then when I went for friday prayer, the sermon (khutbah) was talking about life and how can me make the best of it and it was very inspirational.. Later on, after the prayer.. another friend of mine unexpectedly call and wanted to give me a present.. so I went to see her since it has been 2 semester since we last met.. she gave a wrapped book.. I can tell because of the shape.. then when I unwrapped it in my room.. the book title "Indah Hidup Bersyariah" (Beauty Living with Islamic Values) and I was soo touched..almost cried but didn't... hehehe~ control abit..
 Next is the case where this facebook cyber bully that keeps insulting me.. I also duno why.mayb he has no life or he is just a sad kid who wans attention.. not to mention that he also keeps on trying to make me angry..which I cant.. because I see him as a child who wants some attention.. hehe~ sorry..better luck in making me angry next time~ ;)
 There are just too many to write it down.. maybe I should go into video-blogging?.. hmm~ a nice consideration..then I post at this blog.. huhu~ until next time~
Some outing picture with good friends^^

My recent ICTSS event~ Love my group

Playing around with webcam~ "We Want You"! lolz


  1. ahjussi!i wanna jalan2 in ur blog u neway...hahahhah

  2. sure~ go ahead~ ;) but i'm not a regular blogger though~