Thursday, 29 March 2012


 ~Well, who would have known that going out with old friends makes one feel great... hehe~ I thought my old guy friends would tag along but in the end its just me and 4 girls... not to mention that you would thought that its the girls that would do the window shopping but.... yea~ I ended window shoppin with them.. hehe~ WHY? Just because I CAN~ heheehhehehehehe~
~Its good to exchange stories with them since girls are more in-tune with feelings not to mention fun also.. WAIT A MINUTE! Did I just praise girls?... yeap.. Just because I CAN~ hm.. I think I'm gonna make it as my motto~ "JUST BECAUSE I CAN!"~
~Now back to brushing up on my Arabic Language and cleaning some pictures with Photoshop.. huhu~ hmm..gotta think of spicing up this blog... next to-do-list!~
In the are some photos~
Yes~ its BigApple~

Didn't have time to edit this pic~lolz
Magic hands~

Diploma Graduation~ really miss them~

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