Friday, 6 July 2012

Who knows right~

 Wao~ who would have knew that I have to learn javascript all over again for this website.. haha.. not that it it hard for me.. but i'm kinda ran out of ideas.. (the idea bag is leaking).. lolz~ its 2.30am... and I'm trying to rush two things before Ramadhan fasting.. one, finishing the website and get my pay..two, is to max out my Dragon Nest character level.. yea, i know that we cant do two things at once. haha~
 Dragon Nest is awesome! i mean it has a good story line.. (albeit long and repetitive questing).. still.. it got me  hooked like reading a book. hehe~ just keeping my blog updated as often as i can~
 Here are some stuff i got from 9gag.. credits to the makers~ ;)

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