Sunday, 8 July 2012

I'm not close to being~~

Salam and good day, so the other day.. some of my old acquaintances said that i'm 'warak' or 'alim'.. the first thing came to my mind was that i'm ashamed of myself.. not because of their compliment.. but sincerely, i know that i'm not close to attaining the title.. heck~ i even thought that i may not be worthy of it... its like the distance of attaining that status of soleh is like earth to the last planet in this solar system.. and i'm crawling to it..its just stressful that at times i fall (disobey) and i forget... my dad told me that the effort and knowledge is what matters. Well, at least i know whether i'm worthy to be entitled or not.. (x buta2 amek pujian org mcm tu je).. Can write much about it here.. i'm going to continue it in another blog.. ;)

Ignorance is a sin and Lying to oneself is heresy.
P.S: Sorry.. no pictures for this~ :(

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