Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A poem form me to my soul~

As the moon embraced the sky,
I was frightened,
A voice called out to me,
but I was blinded by tears.

You, who is smiling is reflected in my eyes,
I can see you screaming, way in the darkness,
but your are just too far away.

"I just want to be your flower,
Scorned by a sinner",
It shrouded in pain,
In the depth of my chest.

I whispered to you, who embraced the pain:
"I want to hold you in this ash-like snow",
I gave the only love I had,
and scattered the blood-stained snow to sky.

You continued to sing as your breath was stained red,
"May you appear in my dreams tonight...",
Your final season has nearly reached its end,
My last tears gather in my eyes, let's return to this fine snow.

Hold me tight enough to break me,
When I wake from my dream,
Your bleeding smile, hiding behind pain expression,
Just disappears.


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