Sunday, 11 November 2012

Why people ask me about marriage?

Woohoo~ after 4 months, finally I post something.. due to unseen circumstances... ;p
I have to actually limit the content of my posts here due it is a public blog... for some of my private posts will be in my old blog.
On to today's topic, marriage... this ranting have been buzzing around my social circle for quite some time now and recently it has escalated to the point that I'm actually annoyed to hear. People have been going like "Marry early can help avoid adultery, marry early can make our life easy, it is not about the money when it comes to marriage...etc etc etc". Well, have marriage have actually been reduced to the reason of simply those... Let me share some of my personal opinion as a person, and yes, as someone who will also one day, get married. (but not for these next years)
 My parents had a simple marriage, kinda like they were close friends, then marry due to that they are already working, stable, and can support both of their parents. My dad had even enough to support my uncle (mum's brother) until he graduate college at Australia. From these events that I heard and learned, is that marriage is a huge step in life... and there is no reverse gear. I can clearly say that divorce is NOT an option because most of my friends whose parents are divorced... aren't doing so well. 
 Marriage should me considered as a holy path and can only be done when we are ready mentally, spiritually and financially...(though, I would like to stress FINANCIALLY) I can't just marry with my parent's money...come on, its my marriage and it should be with my own money. That's one, two... what comes after marriage is a huge commitment, actually... to many to list down (kids, expenditures, family, etc etc)
 To make this short, I see marriage is like a step in life where you will not see yourself as an individual, but as a whole family. It is not your own anymore, you'll have to support your spouse and kids and parents. Here is an alternative to those who can't wait for marriage even though they are not ready, make alot of friends, do lots of activities, find your own purpose to contribute to society, improve oneself and mostly take care of your parents and siblings. That's it, in bahasa... kalo kite gatai sgt nk kawen awal dgn x sedia lg, wat byk keje amal dan b'ibadah je la.. senang cite. No offence people, just my personal opinion. 

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