Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Gotta keep busy~ and make a new blog for tech stuffs~

 And here I'm sitting in my room alone thinking about all the important stuff to do during my semester break and my final semester here in IIUM. So here are a list for me to do (just planning in hopes that most of these will be fulfilled)
1. Make another blog for tech stuff... I've got so much to share
2. Adjust my Android app.. still derping on that
3. get some side jobs.. about time I earn my keep.. plus be needing cash for food and my new found hobby (WARHAMMER 40K)!!
4. Read MOAR more books... gotta control myself as I've just started reading some Warhammer40k books
5. Keep up waking up in the early mornings.. I'm on a streak here!~ though my definition of mornings is from sunrise until 11am~ lolz~

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