Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Lolz~ even after 9 years ++ i'm still feeling like a noob in blogging. Maybe its due to my personality of not sharing everything to blog site and I'm not the expressive type. Anyway, since now i've time... lets talk about the importance of learning programming. 
Here's a story that triggers all these thoughts~ There I was, handling an event booth trying to invite more people to come a join. Then one particular group of students (ICT Students) came to check out my booth. As I was explaining about the event (it was a Microsoft programming competition workshop), one of the student just spoke up in Malay "I'm allergic to programming"... imagine how dumbfounded expression look I was making. Come on people, learning programming isn't hard at all and plus I strongly believes that since we are living in a Hi-tech world that constantly bombarding us with new gadgets and devices that (if i may strongly add) are build and run on these programming languages.
 And by knowing programming languages, we are able to at least be a smart tech users, rather than dumb users (that can only complain and cry like a lil baby when sh*t happens). There are more reasons to learn programming languages but it'll take the whole day to write it down.. so rather than list all these reasons.. I'm going to give some tips on how to be good in programming:
1. Pick one and stick to it (I highly recommend HTML for beginners)
2. Imagine you are building a world and feel that awesome-ness
3. Keep on making epic programs (can be webpages, apps, or simple softwares)
4. Seek guidance and ask for help. There are A LOT...i repeat A LOT of experienced programmers that will gladly help you. 
5. Google is your friend.
6. Lastly, practise practise practise~
I myself, am still a noob programmer and have little experience in programming but it keeps on getting interesting. Plus, programming greatly helps making me tech savvy by knowing the inside out on how a tech works so that I can avoid getting hacked/wtf-ed/omfg-ed. 
cheers~ as always~

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