Friday, 20 June 2014

Today's thought: Parents..

 Hi, i wasn't able to update my blog recently due to... games/paintng/anime/games  BAM! NOT TRUE!..ehem.. due to personal chores.. ;)
 Anyway, today lets talk about taking care of our parents... yea.. they can be bothersome at times.. but when we are in trouble or in a bind.. we pick up that phone and dial either our dad's or mom's number.. see that?..
 *clears throat* what i wanna say was..recently i have read quite a few article concerning children abandoning their parents or children starving their are the few 'reasons' that i can pick up..

  1. No time/money to take care (the no1 reason)
  2. Troublesome
  3. In-Laws/wife/husband don't agree with parents
  4. Tired of taking care
  5. No one to help with taking care

 Is it me or these reasons sounds retarded and unreasonable? I asked myself, during which when we are small and vulnerable.. 

  1. Isn't it our parents spend their time and money (which is costly in raising a kid) on us despite their 8am to 5pm work schedule and during their time... most of the people don't have cars, smartphone, or even computers. So their workload is much more difficult than our current time.. (make it like lvl 9000 hard!)
  2. They washed and up our sh*ts.. i mean literally and figuratively.. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IS IS TO CLEAN A BABY'S SH*T when they are wearing those cloth diapers? been there, done that! hard as hell... yet, they accomplish that on a daily basis. Achievement Awarded : Taking care like a BOSS.. to you parents!
  3. During their time, they also face the same problem with their In-laws (a.k.a our grandparents), and spouses also.. yet still can take good care of both sides of the families. In Malaysia, the cultural hold was still very strong then.. like "You must take care of your parents only" or "Your family comes 1st" kind of we have more freedom of action and thought and yet still... 
  4. Imagine... those 80's and 90's kid.. yeah~ the economy inflation.. means more work less pay..means more tire less sleep.. now we have the Internet, ease of workload, better economy..
  5. Help in taking care? our parents have each other.. yet still raise us.. i personally consider putting them in those Old Folks Home is a disgrace.. but if we are busy during the day and unable to uphold the deed, sending them for daycare is OK on my books.. but make sure to pick them up
I don't claim to be a good son but taking care of my parents is an honourable deed that each children have to take up upon. who speaks of honor nowadays..lolz BAM! I DO! It may not be easy, but it is a worthwhile deed.. trust me, my family is taking care of my grandma.. and it is not easy, but to see that smile on each of our face and her's.. it is worth it. Just sort of reminding myself and those who read my blog out there the importance of taking care of our parents.
How i feel often.. huehuehue

That goes to every religion out there!

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