Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Programmers ain't miracle workers

I'm gonna post something after so long.. yeah~ due to endless mindfcked on Android development  *ehem*.. excuse my French.. it is 2am+ and I'm dead tired but can't sleep.. That is what Nescafe does to you after an intense 3 hours of coding~ The brain is still wide awake screaming choochoo mutha~~ *koff*

I'm just gonna rant about us programmers or software developers have to go through, especially us noobies... yes.. I'm a noob here.. :
 1. We are not Miracle workers, we are humans that gets hungry ALOT..sleeps ALOT, Its the side effect of coding.. where was I. Oh ya, we eat, sleep, and have very short attention span thats just me I guess. We can't do everything in one day!
 2. No.. we don't prefer to sit for 5 long hours just to code.. because if we do... there is something what I called Coding Syndrome where we'll just flips the table.. yeah~ literally flips the table and go SCREW THIS SH** sorry about that again
 3. No.. not all of us know how to format or fix PCs~ surprisingly yea..
 4. Dear Google, Please stop making software (I'm looking at you Chrome and Android Studio) that consumes a hell load of memory~ Note to self and others, if you want to use Android Studio in comfort, get at LEAST 8Gb.. yes.. 8 freaking Gb of RAM!
 5. Over and all, we have to admit.. we do have that love and hate relationship with coding.. in any language.. it is like we have a French and American and Chinese girlfriends/boyfriends and we love them and hate them and speak all three language. Now that's some mindfck..yea..I shld stop cursing here

I'm gonna stop here before the cursing goes on and one~
I'll go with SITH

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