Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Helping others is by helping yourself

 Waliao! its exactly one year since i last post anything worthwhile. Maybe its due to my reserve nature, and no time to update anything. Ok... its actually no time to update. To help others is to help oneself first, this was a phrase by a character of an anime I've watched not long ago. Which bring me into this thought that since my coding skills aren't that bad, the least I can do is to offer my services in teaching my juniors about programming. Though last short semester I've done 2 classes of 'underground' classes, this semester is lacking of participant. Its either the juniors are not interested in learning coding or they are just taking advantage of the technology available to them. I meant that we are getting more dependable to computers but we do not want to understand these technology. 
 It is not hard to learn coding, in fact most people liked it when they got a hang of it. Coding as I see it can help people be more aware of the technology they use. One obvious reason is that, we use these technology without knowing that other people who can exploit our lack of knowledge in this. Its sad to see that people post lots of stuff of FB without realizing there are other people secretly taking advantage of this. I was one of those people who 'hacks' FB just for fun just to see these ignorant's reaction. With knowing on how to code, its like knowing how the inside of the computer works therefore able to at least defend oneself at a certain level. I rather be a smart tech-user than be a ignorant one. 
 Well, even with all these projects and assignments... I'm willing to offer some of my time to teach if only if these juniors help themselves. Lets hope I'll be able to succeed in spreading this awareness. As for me, I see that by programming, I'm able to create my own world and... in hoping to understand how my Creator felt when He is creating this world and us. 
PS: I never expect I'm lacking in Android designing and Steganography~ @_@ 
Anyway.. here are some 9gag stuff that i found fun~
My often face~ LOL

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